AHY037: Rewrite Your Story…Then Embody It

All the world’s a stage. -Shakespeare We are all actors in our own lives. We are artists- writing, narrating and embodying our stories. But what if we wrote a new story? What if we went in, looked at the past, examined the present and created the future and acted out those new scripts? Well, Elle […]

AHY036: Move Better, Feel Better

Did you know that your body has software? It’s your nervous system and it plays a huge role in how you move and how you feel. If you’re interested in moving and feeling better, I invite you to listen to this brand new episode of the Awakened Heart Yoga Podcast with author, Rolfer and Feldenkrais […]

Unity or Separation?

The last few times I tried Qi Gong I almost fainted. Seems crazy considering how slow and non-stressful the movements are. But it is precisely because of the slowness and lack of stress that I was able to touch into my subtle body and experience the intense wave of emotions waiting to be released. The […]

AHY035: Healing Touch

The scene is a Hands-On Adjustments Workshop for Yoga Teachers. We’re giving each other mini massages. Maybe 5 minutes long. No one has massage training except one woman. After receiving her massage, she says, “I know my partner has no formal training, but I was so looking forward just to being touched and the back […]