AHY043: Trust & Doubt-Why We Need Both

Doubt gets a bad rap, yet it is essential in carrying us into a place of deep trust. Doubt means that we are paying attention, that we are asking questions, that we are an active participant in life. In this episode of the Awakened Heart Yoga podcast, Meg Agnew, who has been studying the Buddha’s […]

AHY042: Erin is Interviewed for Life After Pain

We’re changing things up a bit this week. On this episode of the Awakened Heart Yoga podcast, Erin (me) is interviewed by Naomi Kuttner of Life After Pain, a website dedicated to helping folks not only manage chronic pain, but also regain and improve quality of life. In this episode, you will learn about… 1) […]

Are You Tough?

This post begins with an embarrassing admission. Over the last month, I have managed to watch exactly 108 episodes of the Amazing Race. I have a lot to say about this, but today, we focus on one thing… What does it mean to be tough? In my 107th episode, a woman with a severely sprained […]

AHY041: Radical Acceptance of What Is

How do we learn to sit with discomfort, to be present with whatever is arising physically, mentally or emotionally? And why is this important? How does this help us? In this episode of the Awakened Heart Yoga Podcast, yoga teacher and psychotherapist, Livia Cohen-Shapiro shares her insights on… 1) Radical Acceptance 2) Emotional Regulation 3) […]