AHY038: Somatics and Sustainable Self-Care

It’s surprising that one of the most powerful techniques for self-care and mental well-being is so ridiculously simple: Continuously bring your attention back to what is. This simple technique is one of the foundations of somatics. Jean Hindle, founder of Soma Yoga explains that Through slow, gentle movement patterns, this sensory-motor learning process encourages the […]

Free Self-Care eBook

I am so excited to announce a brand new (and free!) self-care resource for you. My first eBook: This book began as an impulse, a desire to share the bittersweetness of my experience. The impulse then condensed into ideas in my head and condensed further into words on a page, a form in which I […]

What is the greatest desire you can have?

What is it that impels us to move towards more, to expand, to seek new challenges, adventures and projects? What is it that impels us back to the source of our being where we are nourished, renewed and reminded of our essential nature? Welcome to a new phase of Awakened Heart Yoga in which we […]

AHY037: Rewrite Your Story…Then Embody It

All the world’s a stage. -Shakespeare We are all actors in our own lives. We are artists- writing, narrating and embodying our stories. But what if we wrote a new story? What if we went in, looked at the past, examined the present and created the future and acted out those new scripts? Well, Elle […]