Three Things We All Need

Yesterday, I went to the doctor. A new doctor. This doctor was the first one who seemed to really understand what was going on with me, to really know what he was doing, and to really be able to help in a meaningful way. After I left, I thought to myself, “How could I have […]

AHY Update: Time Sensitive

Transformation always involves a break down of some sort. As Awakened Heart Yoga evolves, various aspects of the current version of it are in need of dismantling. I will be taking down the podcast episodes, but first, I want to offer you a chance to keep them for yourself and listen to them whenever you’d […]

The Most Basic Ambition

If I had to boil down my ambitions to two basic things, I’d get this: 1) Try to relax and enjoy myself 2) On the spectrum of hurting people to helping people, be more on the helping side That’s it. That is what I am focused on for now. Nothing huge or fancy or earth-shattering. […]

The Most Reliable Source

Recently, I did something drastic. I detached from almost every source of information, advice, opinion, news and social media. I deleted my Facebook and Twitter profiles, unsubscribed from almost every email list I was on, stopped following online entrepreneur coaches, removed the New York Times tab from my Bookmarks Toolbar and made a pact with […]

Everything is Literal

Yesterday morning, I moved to a new home where I will stay for about two months. After that, nobody knows. And if they do, they’re not telling me. Shortly before I left West Seattle, I looked out the window and smiled. It was completely foggy. How perfect. I have absolutely no clear vision of what […]