AHY035: Healing Touch

The scene is a Hands-On Adjustments Workshop for Yoga Teachers. We’re giving each other mini massages. Maybe 5 minutes long. No one has massage training except one woman. After receiving her massage, she says, “I know my partner has no formal training, but I was so looking forward just to being touched and the back […]

AHY034: Awakening from Intimate Partner Abuse

What do one billion voices have to say and why aren’t they saying it? What is so shameful, stigmatized, dark and painful that it keeps 1 in 3 of the world’s women silent? And what does this have to do with yoga and embodied healing? Laura Lowery, Seattle yoga teacher, photographer and PR Consultant, has […]

Start Experiencing Embodied Healing For Yourself

Constriction Causes Pain. Relaxation Causes Happiness. -Sean Morgan This Summer I have been offering introductions to various methods of body-centered and movement-centered healing via this blog and the Awakened Heart Yoga Podcast. These are all amazing practices, but most of them involve finding a teacher and traveling to a session. I wanted to offer you […]

AHY032: Bringing the Body Into Psychotherapy

Why is it so effective to bring our embodied experience into a therapy session? Why is the combination of yoga and psychotherapy a way of staying true to who we are as humans? For too long, we have been operating under the assumption that the rational is superior to the emotional, that language is more […]