AHY Update: Time Sensitive

Transformation always involves a break down of some sort. As Awakened Heart Yoga evolves, various aspects of the current version of it are in need of dismantling. I will be taking down the podcast episodes, but first, I want to offer you a chance to keep them for yourself and listen to them whenever you’d […]

The Most Basic Ambition

If I had to boil down my ambitions to two basic things, I’d get this: 1) Try to relax and enjoy myself 2) On the spectrum of hurting people to helping people, be more on the helping side That’s it. That is what I am focused on for now. Nothing huge or fancy or earth-shattering. […]

The Most Reliable Source

Recently, I did something drastic. I detached from almost every source of information, advice, opinion, news and social media. I deleted my Facebook and Twitter profiles, unsubscribed from almost every email list I was on, stopped following online entrepreneur coaches, removed the New York Times tab from my Bookmarks Toolbar and made a pact with […]

Everything is Literal

Yesterday morning, I moved to a new home where I will stay for about two months. After that, nobody knows. And if they do, they’re not telling me. Shortly before I left West Seattle, I looked out the window and smiled. It was completely foggy. How perfect. I have absolutely no clear vision of what […]