AHY041: Radical Acceptance of What Is

How do we learn to sit with discomfort, to be present with whatever is arising physically, mentally or emotionally? And why is this important? How does this help us? In this episode of the Awakened Heart Yoga Podcast, yoga teacher and psychotherapist, Livia Cohen-Shapiro shares her insights on… 1) Radical Acceptance 2) Emotional Regulation 3) […]

The Two Most Useful Reminders

This morning I was in my car for an hour and 20 minutes and I ended up going nowhere. Traffic was so bad that I had to reschedule my client. After attempting to reroute myself to yoga class and discovering that that was not going to work either, I turned around and drove home. Why […]

AHY040: Being at Home in Your Body

What is the one thing you take with you everywhere? Your body. Despite this, most of us ignore the body and spend the majority of our lives in our heads. What does it take to drop into the body, to live there, to feel comfortable, safe and free there? What does it really mean to […]

Stop the Fighting

On the cover of a recent People Magazine, a bald Joan London appears with the headline, “Joan London fights cancer. ‘I will beat this’.” Battle imagery and language seems to crop up frequently in the health and mental health arenas. This both saddens and frustrates me. Why does everything have to be a fight? Don’t […]

AHY039: From Darkness to Light: A Personal Story of Managing Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression are real. There is no better evidence of this reality than personal stories. In this episode of the Awakened Heart Yoga Podcast, you get to hear two stories as Sean Morgan, founder of Embracing Peace, interviews me (that’s a first). In this episode you will find… 1) Two personal stories of awakening […]