40 Days of Sanity: Day 10

When is plugging in (to the internet that is) beneficial? In a recent podcast episode on sanity practices, I identified unplugging as a self-care and centering practice. Unplugging every Saturday gives my mind time to rest and creates the conditions in which new ideas can bubble up to the surface. It leaves space. However, you […]

40 Days of Sanity: Day 9

Can you think of a single human being who has not experienced one of the following emotions: fear, worry, anxiety, depression, withdrawal, isolation, despair? The answer is no. We all have these feelings at one point or another. These are real experiences and we cannot pretend they do not exist. Why am I saying this? […]

40 Days of Sanity: Day 7

A few notes from Matthew Remski’s threads of yoga that have been keeping me sane, inspired and thoughtful… Pain is the blurring of authenticity with fabrication. Ignorance involves not learning about change in objects, ideas, sensations or self. Negative thought patterns can be altered by embodying what balances them. Contentment makes one at home in […]